• I bought rolls frozen -- how long can they stay in the freezer??

Rolls are most delicious if consumed within 12 weeks since there are no preservatives used!! See the best by date on your pan!


  •  What are the baking instructions?

The following baking instructions are included on each pan of rolls:
  Frozen (raw): set out rolls at room temperature for 1 hour or put them in the refrigerator overnight (this is Katie’s preference as she wants them fully thawed prior to going into the oven). Bake at 325F degrees in a preheated oven for 24-26 minutes or until dough is fully baked. Frost immediately after baking. 
The conecuh & ham and Swiss rolls take longer in the oven, typically 45-50 minutes. Enjoy! 
 Baked (fully cooked): refrigerate or freeze until time to eat. Reheat in oven on 300F degrees for 7-10 minutes or take out an individual roll and microwave on a microwavable plate and ENJOY!!!


  • What are the ingredients in Rolls?

Dough: Flour, butter, water, sugar, cinnamon, egg, powdered milk and yeast
Original icing:
powdered sugar, milk, butter, salt
Cream cheese icing:
cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, salt
wheat, milk, nuts, eggs

 Also see the ingredient list on each pan, as they do differ on flavor.

  • Do you ship rolls

    Yes! We ship overnight to make sure your rolls arrive perfect and ready to go straight into your fridge or freezer. To order, please see our shipping tab!
    • I don't know which size to buy -- how big are the pans? How many rolls come in each?

    The medium pan is a 9x7 pan and will have 5 rolls (or ~18 rolli's). 






    The large pan is a 13x9 pan and will have 12 rolls (or ~45 rolli's).


    • Where do the new rolls ideas come from?

    Katie dreams them up! Seriously, Katie is extremely creative and has ideas flowing all of the time. Sure, sometimes there are failures and it takes a few weeks to perfect, but once perfected, they are put on social media/website and ready for purchase. By far the most fun part of Katie’s experiments? Taste testing!