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For corporate catering, please order via EZcater


Rolls. Catering Menu: 


Rolli Sticks

$6 each 

A bite-sized, ooey gooey rolli (choose orange rolls or cinnamon rolls), on a skewer with a sausage ball and fruit. 


Breakfast Box

$10 each 

One large cinnamon roll, 3 sausage balls and fresh seasonal fruit.


Premium Lunch Box 

$16 per box  (minimum 6 people)

Choice of:


Pepperoni pizza roll, conecuh roll, cheesy garlic roll, or ham/swiss roll 


Tomato basil soup, side salad, mac and cheese, or spinach artichoke dip


 apple or rolli


Lil Piggies

$14 per dozen

Smoked cocktail weenies wrapped in our made-from-scratch yeast roll, topped with garlic butter


Lil Piggie skewers

$16 per dozen

Each skewer has a lil piggie, cornichon (pickle), and sharp cheddar cheese slice


Gourmet personal pizza

$13 (minimum of 6 orders) 

Choose between pepperoni, meat lovers, or cheese, made on our homemade dough. Served with pepperoni chips and our garlic parmesan ranch 


9x13 OG or Rolli pan


Comes with either 12 OG rolls or ~45 rolli's (bite sized cinnamon rolls) in one large pan.


9x13 Roll pan (fruit variety)


Comes with 12 rolls in your choice of strawberry, blueberry or orange.


Party Rolls - OG

$38, $42

Individual cinnamon rolls in individual cups in a party box. Choose between 12 regular rolls ($36) or 24 mini rolls ($40).


Party Rolls - Fruit Variety


12 individual fruit rolls in individual cups in a party box. Comes with a variety of strawberry, orange and blueberry.


Party Rolls - Meat Variety


12 individual meat rolls in individual cups in a party box. Comes with a variety of BBQ conch, pizza and ham/swiss rolls. 


Charcuterie (rolls. edition)

$14 per person

rollis, scones, sausage balls, mixed deli meats, assorted cheeses, fresh fruit, lil piggies, mixed nuts, variety of crackers, pretzels, and more!


Sugar Cookies

$18 per dozen

Homemade ooey-gooey sugar cookies iced to perfection.


Grandmother's Red Velvet Cake (or cupcakes)


Offered as a 2 tier cake or 12 cupcakes, topped with whipped cream cheese icing and crushed pecans 



$8 per gallon

Sweet or unsweet tea, Lemonade, or bottled water 


Ask about our add ons!

Kayla's almond scones $9

Sausage balls $17

Derrick's parmesan ranch $3-$10

Poptarts (strawberry or cinnamon-sugar) $8



Local delivery and set up $25

Need utensils, plates, etc? Give us a count and we'll take care of the rest!


Have a special request?

We are always open to hearing your vision and making your ideas come to life! Feel free to contact us for further catering inquiries by emailing rolls.homewood@gmail.com!!


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