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back to school groove

We have officially made it through the first week of school!  We were ready to get back into a routine, have a semi set bedtime, and start recreational activities.  What we are never quite ready for is the getting up early, packing lunches (that really means that mom needs to have lunch options...Caroline informed me that Lucky Charms and chocolate chips isn't the lunch of champions) and the dreaded homework.

One thing I do have down is breakfast!  You would think the kids would be sick of cinnamon rolls by now, but I am trying to keep swapping out flavors to keep them on their toes.  Lennon's current favorite is monkey bread, Caroline loves the strawberry.  I throw in a few sausage balls for protein, and breakfast is served.  One of my favorite ways to speed up school breakfasts is to bring home the baked rolls and keep in my freezer.  I pull out the request of each child and it's done in less than a minute!  

We got this y'all!  

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