Katie's fall favs

Katie's fall favs

How is next week already going to be November??  This year has truly flown by!  As I reflect back on the year, there were some really exciting changes that happened to rolls!   With our incredible new space in the heart of Vestavia, we are able to create, dream and experiment with new recipes!

Favorite snack: our new butterfinger protein balls.  They are a great balance of crunchy sweet and are easy to be our car snack!

Favorite activity: pilates. Provision pilates challenges me consistently and I really enjoy the mental aspect of it as well as the physical.

Favorite thing about fall: I am loving the cooler temperatures and not breaking a sweat when I walk outside.  The bright colors of the leaves to the beautiful mums everywhere make this season really wonderful.

Favorite kid: Just kidding...if my children ever would read this, that might not go over too well!!  But, I have enjoyed coaching Caroline's volleyball team this season. We are a dedicated underdog team that will hopefully make a good last run soon!  That was been rewarding to watch the girls grow & learn.  And laugh. Laugh a bunch. 

Stay tuned for some holiday recipes that I will be sharing!  Caroline keeps reminding me that Christmas is only in 8 weeks....







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