"where days are made."

Rolls. is a small batch cinnamon roll company created by Katie Cornutt in March 2019. Rolls. was born out of a need for Katie to work from home when her third child, Lyla, was born with a severe heart defect. Katie has always loved baking the family recipe, which was inspired by her Grandma Schumm, to share with friends and family, and now she gets to share with the community!

As a single mom of three, finding a healthy work-life balance is essential -- is there such a thing?? Rolls. has been an outlet for Katie to support her family as well as give back to the community that has supported her through Lyla's many surgeries.

With rapid growth, Rolls. has now moved out of Katie’s kitchen and has a storefront location in Vestavia, AL where all of our rolls are made from scratch each day! Many of our frozen varieties are also carried in 25+ retail locations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. When Katie is not making Rolls., she enjoys walks with her dogs, Rocky and Bo, going to Pilates, continuing to learn and grow at conferences, traveling of any kind, reading, and spending time with her kids.

Katie attributes the success of Rolls. to her amazing staff.  They are incredibly smart, hardworking and have a gift of patience to work along side Katie. :)

Rolls. is always cooking up something new, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see new flavors, giveaways, and sneak peaks!

the rolls mission...

"where days are made"

at rolls, we know that everyone has a story. everyone is going through something, whether it's good or bad!that is why we are committed to being day makers. it's amazing what one act of kindness can do. help us create a chain reaction by giving a "happy" to that friend that just got a new job, neighbor that just had a baby, or coworker that just lost a loved one. we'll even deliver it for you with a hand written note! we're better together.

Ecclesiastes 4:9–12